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Primarc/Nilan Tool & Mold precision rubber and plastic mold builders

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For more than 40 years, Primarc/Nilan Tool & Mold has been designing and fabricating molds for the rubber and plastics industries.   Building molds from standard compression to state-of-the-art valve gated cold runners has made us known precision molders for the Aerospace, Automotive and Medical Industries. 

Our company builds a range of rubber and plastic molds, such as compression, transfer, injection, injection-transfer, hot and cold runners, hot and cold transfer pots, flashless, and valve-gated cold runner systems. Nilan/Primarc Tool & Mold, Inc. continues to achieve higher standards in production, providing customers with the highest quality tools and molds. Our Corporate Mission; ‘Ensure results for our Customers, on time every time’.

Our Capabilities:

  • Tool Makers with 120+ years of combined experience in precision tool making

  • 11 CNC Machines

  • Superior design and manufacturing to ‘ensure success’ of your project

Nilan designers and machine tool programmers come up the ranks from the shop floor. As former machinists, our programmers can more easily craft a precision tool. When faced with your most challenging project, we can apply the right skills to the exact need.  Everything is considered in advance.  Initial planning and design combines UG, SolidWorks, MasterCam, and our 11 CNC machines, plus years of practical experience. The designers, shop foremen and machinists coordinate your order by computerizing each specific manufacturing step, assuring both quality and on time delivery.

Custom manufacturing services:

· Tool, Die & Mold Design & Machining

· Compression Mold Machining

·  Prototyping     

· Plastic Injection Mold Design & Machining

·  Compound Die Machining

· Thermoform Mold Machining

·  Stamp Die Machining

· Rubber Mold Design & Machining

·  Multi-slide Die Machining 

· EDM Machining

·  CNC Machining    

· Die & Mold Repair/Refurbish

·  Extrusion Die Machining

· Blow Mold Machining

ISO 9001:2008 – We follow disciplined standards governing quality system for manufacturers, distributors and other organizations.

Build your mold in the USA!

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